Community Outreach

Workshop at Yale University

This workshop took place at the British Art Center at Yale University and taught attendees about the music and dance of Ghana. Abraham Adzenyah worked alongside Samuel Elikem Kwame Nyamuame to conduct this successful event.

West African Music Contributor to University Teaching

Featured as one of the West African musician contributors to university teaching in this book.

Society for Ethnomusicology

Performed music and dances from Africa to be used in school systems for study purposes.

Highlife Saturday Night

Featured in this book as a Highlife performer, Ghanian musician and personal friend of the author.

Dzidefo Africa Choir

First ever Africa (multi-cultural) choir at Binghamton University.

Summer Dance Workshop

Taught High School students varieties of techniques and dances on African dance.

West African Rhythm for Drum Set

Featured as the lead drummer for this book.